BOM Unit to Picking list form

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I believe that I can print the picking list form in production when i started the production to served as material requisition of the production to the warehouse so that they can withdraw the raw materials needed in the production. Am I right or there is another form that i can print to served as a material requisition?

If I’m correct, i encountered problem when i printed it. I noticed that the Unit of measurement of the Quantity of the raw materials in the picking list is in Bag. I want it in KG.

Ex of the problem: My FG is Popcorn. The UOM of this is in BAG. Very 1 bag is equal to 50 kg.

My RM for this that are being used on BOM was ITEM 1=23 kg, ITEM 2=3 kg, ITEM 3=15 kg, ITEM 4=9 kg

I have a unit of convention for this because my UOM in Inventory for my Raw Materials is in BAG while the UOM for BOM is in KG.

The Conversion goes like this:

Item 1: 1 bag = 25 kg, Item 2: 1 bag = 5 kg, Item 3: 1 bag = 5 kg, Item 4 = 5 kg

When I printed the picking list the quantity for Item1 = 1 bag, Item 2 = 1 bag, Item 3 = 3 bag, Item 4 = 2 bag


Items: Conversion(bag=kg) BOM Usage (KG) Picking list(BAG)

1 1 = 25 23 kg 1 bag

2 1 = 5 3 kg 1 bag

3 1 = 5 15 kg 3 bag

4 1 = 5 9 kg 2 bag

As you can see, the quantity in Picking list is not equal to BOM usage. If my operator will use the Picking list form as there Material Requisition they will be withdrawing raw materials not exact. there will be excess which is not good. It can affect the quality of my FG. Hope you understand my problem.

Is there’s any way to print my picking list form which the UOM is in KG not in BAG?

Is there’s any form that I can print to served as a material requisition of production besides the picking list in production control after starting the production?

Thank You very much…

You could set the rouinding precision on the BOM line to be per bag multiple, you could set the BOM UOM to be bags and handle it this way, you could have a UOM of BAG25KG to make this clearer, or you could modify the picking list to print it how you want. The picking list would act as the requisition.