BOM Setup in 4.0

Hi all,

Anyone (as far as I search no details info) knows how to setup BOM (Eg: From which Module)

If I were to bundle few items to a main item in version 4 can it be done?

NOTES: This individual item can be sold separately think its Kitting in version 5, however if I were to use the concept in version 4 hows the work around?

Well you can setup BOM in MFG menu suite.

For bundle ,if those are additional spare parts then you need to prepare a packing slip ( customization require).


You can also use basic BOMs in inventory in V4. You can then just set up the items as BOMs from the Item Card of the top level item by going Item → Assembly List → Bill of Materials.

You can then assemble BOMs via a BOM Journal or sell them “exploded” on a Sales Order.

Please note that you cannot use item tracking in V4 with basic inventory BOMs. For that you have to use Manufacturing as described above.