I have a question for everybody who care the Scrap in AX

  1. When we creat the BOM or item, we have to decare the scrap percent. For example, we need 2 item A to make 1 BOM B. When we declare the scrap of item A is 50%, that’s mean we have to order 3 item A to make 1 BOM B. Is it right?

  2. Is it the same if we have to setup the scrap on route?

  3. In 2 cases above, the scrap have meaning that we have to order amount of item more than amount of item in BOM. Now, when I have to make 100 BOM B and I have to order 300 item A, so after the production order finish, I will have 100 item A that is waste. I want to sale the 100 item A (waste), so I want to know which account is record the waste and how I setup its account

Can you guide me how to manage amount the waste in AX

Thanks and regards,

Pham Hoai Vu

OK, now I know the meaning of bom scrap and route scrap. But i have a question for everybody who care of Scrap

When I setup the parameter of Production order in paramater form, I see the form have Account Scrap, but when i dont choose manage the Scrap by its Account, so where can I see the total of Scrap of one production order, I think the total will post in to the journal of its production order. that’s wrong or right?

thanks and regard