BOM same , Routing different

Hi masters,

This is a small Manufacturing company. But they are getting lot of sales orders.

For this purpose they are producing the Finished product in their plant and Producing in Subcontractor place.

For example Item A is finished product.

This has Production BOM = A

This has Routing = A ( here i defined the all machines which our comapny using) i defined this in Item card. Based on this they can produce that Item A in their Plant.

But the same item will produce in subcontractor plant.

for this Our company will send the raw material to subcontractor.( same prodution BOm , but differnt routing)

So here my problem is how to take that routing when i create same production order for Our company , for subcontractorfor ).

. Because i have only one routing field in Item card .

Please suggest me .

NAV does not have this functionality out of the box (well it maybe in 2009, or 5 I will refer to 4!)

The issue is when you make this decision, ultimately at planning/scheduling the capacity of the business is analysed to see if there is a cost benefit of subcontracting, at this point you need to purchase it, but actually you want to make it in a different way, so I beleive you would need to modify the system, depending upon the processing of the business, to call the alternate route at the appropriate manner.

Hi Austin,

Try these options,

  1. Create Route version called as A1 and set start date future date(Ex:01/01/2099). Assign that route version to route A.

After running PW(Planning worksheet) changed the routing version code as A1 and refresh the line. :slight_smile:

Option 2

  1. Create separate route for item A as route A1 and change it PW. then refresh the line.