BOM & Route Template

Hi All,

I have created template for BOM version & Route version by RightClick on BOM & Route version number>Record Info>Company Account Template.


When i try to create item with this BOM & Route Version template it throws error : “Incorrect setup of dimension group”.

What should be the possible reason for this!!?

Thank you,

Mehul Thacker

The template may be copying the dimensions too.

The Dimensions Group setups may be different for two items. Check It.

Dimension group of the item from which i have created Rout & BOM template is same in the item which i am using this template.

yes here template is copying dimensions too but i have checked with Dimension Group its same in both item.

It is not really the control form for a template, as you can see it is not really one for the new button, there is a specific new button on the line, which then will activate site, and copying. I would not set a template up here. I can reproduce what you have but you would need a developer to de-bug it. It does not seem to cause an issue, but you would need to verify this.