BOM Master Data permissions

I have a requirement for sales staff to be able to create and edit BOMs for products they are designing for customers, however we don’t want them to be able to edit “Master” BOMs. those are essentially components which are used like kitsets to add to another BOM - a standard door assembly for example, which is reused and added as an item to new BOMs.
I’m trying to figure out how to stop sales staff from editing that master data - can I restrict their access to read-only based on the number series used? that’s the only obvious solution I can think of - are there any issues doing this?

Extending this question to hopefully get a response :slight_smile:
I’m thinking of using security filters on the BOM header, so that staff have read only access to all BOMs, and edit access to the engineer to order BOMs.

Specifically, these different BOMs can be identified by using no. series, and I think setting the security filter based on that no series.

I know BC has additive permissions, however I can’t find any documentation as to how that applies to security filters - does anyone have any experience with this they can share with me please?

If there are extensions which can manage this more effectively than the out of the box functionality, that would also be worth looking at.


One possible solution to restrict sales staff from editing Master BOMs is to limit their access to read-only based on the number series used. This can be done by assigning appropriate permissions to the users based on their roles or responsibilities. You can create a custom role in Business Central and assign it only the read permission for the Master BOMs. This will prevent the sales staff from making any changes to these BOMs, while still allowing them to create and edit BOMs for products they are designing for customers.

Another way to achieve this is to create a workflow for BOM approvals. When a sales staff member creates or edits a BOM, it can be submitted for approval by a designated approver who has the necessary permissions to make changes to Master BOMs. This will ensure that only authorized personnel can make changes to the Master BOMs, while still allowing the sales staff to create and edit BOMs for their own products.

It is important to note that limiting access to read-only based on number series can have some limitations. For example, if there are other types of documents that use the same number series, they will also be restricted to read-only access. However, with careful planning and testing, this solution can be effective in achieving the desired level of security and control over BOMs in Business Central.

“As a large language model…” Yes, I can see this response is generated by ChatGPT. Often, however, it completely makes things up, and sounds convincing doing it - like this case. If you have more information on how this can be achieved specifically how to configure permissions for a role to be read only for BOMs with one no series, but full control for another, that would be much appreciated.