BOM Lines Issue

Hi Everyone,

we have bill of materials form (BOM) in that click lines button open bom lines form in ax 2009.This BOM lines form data i have in excel sheet .I want to import that excel sheet data to bom lines.but i already imported that data to bom lines form but error came.

that error is dimension number is already exist . actually this dimension no filed is in inventdim table field.

how to solve this error?

can u tell me this solution?

thanks advance

The BOM is a minimum of three tables, you cannot just import it through Excel directly into the lines. Look at writing a script to do this properly.


thanks for your reply

How to write that script ? can u explain

Sorry no, I am not a developer, I would request the work.

hi adam,

Thanks for ur quick reply.

but any one can help me this issue?

How can i write script?

Post the question in teh developers forum, ask for assistance in writing a script to update the data in the BOM line table.

Hi Rama,

you must write it in toText File to import it into AX 2009. there is some terms, better to find ur technical consultant.

or Post in Developer forum as said by Adam. :slight_smile: