Bom Lines data Issue

Hi Everyone,

i have issue on Bomlines form data importing process

before i have created already inventdimcombinations


  1. I have taken 2 tables BOM and InventDIm two tables exported in excel sheet without data ,

  2. after that i filled that data bom table fileds Lineno, itemnum,unit,bom, line type,Perseries and

inventdim fields are filled data only dimension of three fileds config,size,colour only i have given two

records data

  1. after that goto definition groups → goes to my Excel sheet Path and goto table setup in this i have name

of table field in this 2 two tables bom and InventDim but i selected InventDim table and import criteria tab

in this i have write below code

inventDimId inventDimId;


inventDim.configId = conpeek (inData, 6);

inventDim.InventsizeId = conpeek (inData, 7);

inventDim.InventcolorId = conpeek (inData, 8);

inventDim.inventDimId = InventDim::findOrCreate(inventDim).inventDimId;

after that i clicked import button displays infolog error dimension no. already exist

any one can help me this issue?