BOM --> Line Type "Production"

good morning

i wanna to ask u about something in the production

In the BOM

the bom line with the item type ‘BOM’ sub-bom, & its line type is ‘Production’

if the the onhand is 5 units, & the production need 8 units.

the system will generate a planned production order with all the needed 8 units not only the 3 units

the question is how make the system only generate only 3 unit using the line type 'production '

many thanks

Makethe bom line with the item type "ITEM’'

item type ‘BOM’ will make it make to order, means felow item must be produced when parent item is needed

No, Production means it is always related, so it will always produce 8.

Thanks for your interest

but i want to keep it with ''Production" Line Type.

because it give me ‘‘dynamic planned production order’’


Yes, Adam

i have tried many times to find it, but failed.

but, i was in a meeting with a super senior implementor, & told me that the system can be modifed to produce only the 3 units.

Unfortunately, he refuse to tell me the answer.

please reply to my comming post.


They are not very super or senior if they say it can be done and then not tell you. If they mean “modified” as in a modification can be written to do this then that is fair enough, but you do not want this. If the BOM dictates it is production it creates the link, and keeps the relationship in line. The only way you would get the 3 in stock is if you raised it manually with no demand anyway - AX would never tell you to make it so why would you? Unless for whatever ad hoc sales reason you kept a safety stock. You can only ask the consultant, they know what you want better than a quick post here, I maybe missing something, so ask them - it is what you pay this super senior consultant to do for you afterall.