I want to see the BOM level of an item in AX 2009. In the BOM that I just created, the BOM level always shows zero even when the BOM level should be 1, 2, and so on. What wonders me more is that in the existing BOMS, the BOM levels are correctly displayed.

Can someone help me if I missed a step to update the BOM levels?

Also, the table I’m looking at is Inventtable, is there anyone there who knows other table that shows the BOM level?



Hi Bella,

When you create a BOM and assign the BOM lines (sub items of BOM) and once you approve the BOM, it will show you the level zero in the BOM item and we can view this in item form > reference (tab).

BOM item will show you the LEVEL as ZERO and its BOM lines will show you level as LEVEL 1. If you have a Sub-BOM items assigned in the BOM lines, then it will show LEVEL 2 for those Sub-BOM items. like wise it will fallow the levels.


Periodic recalculation of BOM levels will resolve this.