BOM Journals and Indirect Costs

Each BOM Journal we create has a labor/overhead component. We were advised to create a Resource on the Component list for the amount of labor/overhead that we wanted to apply to each BOM. However, when we post a BOM, these are the G/L entries that it creates: For the Finished Goods: Inventory G/L Account +$100 Inventory Adj. G/L Acount -$100 For the Raw Materials: Inventory G/L Account -$80 Inventory Adj. G/L Account +$80 The values of $100 and $80 are of course arbitrary. The significant thing going on here is that Navision is creating MORE inventory in the Finished Goods G/L Account than it is taking out of the Raw Materials G/L Account (which is a good thing … we just added value to inventory). However, the bad thing is that I now have NET $20 left over in the Inventory Adj. Accounts. I don’t want this!! I was hoping that by adding the $20 resource to my Component list, and assigning that Resource a G/L, that the $20 would end up in the G/L account for the Resource (basically a clearing account to offset against overhead and payroll costs). Our goal is to have each BOM item’s Average Cost display the total cost (component items + overhead + labor to assemble) with little-to-no accounting reconciliation at end-of-month. My way of doing it fails miserably. Anybody have a better way to achieve my goal? Thanks. -g

I run a report at month end and book one entry for the whole month…not perfect but it works. You can do this by using filters on the resource ledger entries. Someday, I may pay to have this done during posting but the need has not been that great. Although one would think this would post automatically. I’m not exactly sure I understand what your issue is with the BOM costing. Do you mean a printed BOM is not showing a total cost? Or is the issue the cost posted to the G/L? Or the Unit Cost has not updated? Have you run the adjust cost periodic activities?