Bom ItemType error


I upgrade ax 4.0 to ax 2009.I saw item master ItemType field shows only Item,Service.But i saw in base enums itemType shows Item,Bom,Service.what should i do visible BOM on itemType lookup in item master.

Do you have manufacturing activated in the configuration?

In the Configuration form all modules are check marked (inculding Producion series I and production series II).I can not find exactly the name Manufacturing in the confuguration form.

I just upgraded the ax 4.0 to ax 2009 and later opened the item master. 2 problems found

1)I can not view the BOM related data.

2)when i create a new record in item master,the item type shows only item and service.

Manufacturing is a generic term for all production elements. Actually having opened it the BOM configuration is under logistics. If this is selected you should be able to see the BOM option on the item master and in inventory management. If it is selected and you still cannot see it you would need to trouble shoot the upgrade procedure as this is where the issue will lie.

Thanks allot AdomRoue.It is very helpful to me