BOM Item registration.!!!


I create a BOM for an item having default order type "Purchase Order ".

At the purchase order level I explode the BOM Lines for that item and register the component items.

Now I can see the balnce quantity for component items in On-hand inventory list.

  1. From where I can see BOM Item balance quantity?

2.At the sales order level how system can link BOM Item and its own component (Both Serial number controlled)

3 I missed out anything in the BOM setup?

Please help me to solve these issues .


  1. You cannot you have exploded it and therefore they are independent.

  2. You cannot, you sell the BOM item, you manufacture it, and consume the components.

  3. Probably the whole manufacturing element or the BOM Journal to take the components into the finished item to sell it, but you are breaking the links in teh chain here.