BOM item getting marked against purchase order when firming production orders

I apologize if this has been answered; I did search for it thoroughly first…

I’m using DAX 2009. Sometimes when a planned production order is firmed to a scheduled work order, some of the BOM items get marked against an open purchase order. Ultimately, these items get backflushed against the purchase order location rather than the work center location (which is what it should be).

We don’t want any item to ever be marked. I have looked everywhere I can think of for a setting that might cause this.

Any ideas or suggestions?


When you go to firm the planned production order you should see a dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to firm the curent planned order. Before you click OK, go to the setup tab on this form and look at the “Update Marking” setting. If you select “No” you should not have any PO marked against that order.

In AX2012 there is a Parameter setting in Master Planning Parameters - Standard Updates - Firming. I don’t remember exactly what that setting looked like in AX2009, but take a look there as well.

I hope this helps.

Kurt, thank you so much for the quick response. Sure enough, even though we had found the Master Planning Parameter (which was set to ‘No’), some of the production group had the dialogue Setup tab setting = ‘Standard’.

We will watch further firmed orders, but I suspect you solved the problem I have been investigating for weeks, in minutes…

Now to globally disable that setting… :wink:

Not to belabor the point, but do you know what the rules are for marking while firming an order (when it is desired)?

Great, I am glad that helped Steve.

It is hard to say what rules or guidelines are for using this setting as planning and production environments vary so widely. I think it would have application in some job shop or make to order environments where materials are planned and procured per a specific job. For what it is worth, we never use marking when firming our planned production orders.