BOM handling is unacceptably slow

Hi all, our client has a native Navision database with ~60000 item and ~400000 BOM records. When we open the BOM List form for an item, it takes a very long time to display the list(~10 seconds per each BOM record). Navision is continuously searching the BOM component table during this time. This problem is even bigger on some reports which depend heavily on BOM exploding/processing. Sometimes these require hours to finish. This slow performance is unacceptable for the customer, of course. The machine is a 2GHz P4 with 512MB RAM. Do you have any idea how to improve the performance? Is there a practical limit on the number of Item and BOM records? Any help/suggestions appreciated! Endre

Please supply the database version! If it is 3.70 or 4.0 I will give you a hint: Look at the calcformula for the field no. 5, “Bill of Materials”…

Sorry, forgot to mention the version, it is: 3.70A Hungarian. The CalcFormula for Item.“Bill of Materials” is: Exist(“BOM Component” WHERE (Parent Item No.=FIELD(No.))) and for “BOM Component”.“Bill of Materials” is: Exist(“BOM Component” WHERE (Type=CONST(Item),Parent Item No.=FIELD(No.))) Is anything wrong with them?

Hi Endre, Have you set any specific Sorting Method or Key when you run the form. If you have set the key. Try to reallign the Key so it will be faster. If this is a problem in the Form and the Report it definitely is a problem with the sorting key.

Here is the solution at last: Had to add a new key(Type,Parent Item No.) for table 90. The performace is much better now and all functions related to BOM processing are working fine. I just don’t understand why such a key is absent by default…?

So you DID understand my hint! Clever guy…