BOM (for Packing Purpose)

Hi All Would like to check with you all if anyone encountered this problem. My client requires to manage their inventory by lot (i.e. lot tracking is required). Sometimes they combine items into one for sales and sometimes split one item into many small articles for sales. My questions are 1. Is it possible to use BOM for the above scenario? Are there any alternatives? BOM does not seems to be feasible for the reason that items are assigned lot and Navision does not seems to allow combining of different items which uses the lot functionality. 2. Is it possible to use other methods (besides BOM) to combine the individual items into ONE for sales (i.e. packing). PS I have examinied using item journals to increase the BOM (combined item) and reduce the single items but cost is a concern since the end users have to know the cost of each individual items (and of course to manually sum them up). Thanks in advance.

I hear this question as not only one, but many questions. More than you’re really asking, and much more complex than you think. Can you use Navision to track inventory by lot? Yes you can. Can you be using the BOM to split one (BOM based) Item into many small articles for sales? Yes you can - the functionality is called Explode BOM. Can you combine many items into one new sales item? As you write here you got an issue. I had one of our programmers create a solution to handle this issue - we call it Kit’s. This allow us to sell Kit’s (who are special BOM items), they are automatically exploding on time of sales, but the cost follows the actual items and the income the Kit. But it’s not an easy piece of code and I can’t just offer you our code, as it would not be reusable because our system is heavily modified. But your own Navision partner should be able to help you create if you can define it.

Hi Erik Thanks for the reply. I’m aware of the lot tracking functionality. But its this same functionality that is creating the problem. 1. Exploding the BOM for sales does not allow me to select the parts that I’m selling (I think, and besides it does not allow me to allocate batch to the items I’m not selling), it merely breaks down the part for knowledge purpose. 2. I’m sure the kitting customization is helpful. But are you aware of other alternatives? like workarounds? The customization looks like alot of work.