Bom field "constant" in set up tab

dear all

what is the use of field “constant” in setup tab of bom.This is used for measurements of Bom.But i can not understand it.

please give some example if possible.


It ties back to the formula, in the windo industry for example the consumption parts may be based upon teh measurements and you may want to add in a constant to increase the consumption suggestion or of it is part of the requirement.

Dear Adam will u please explain me this result and give ur previos reply in simple words

In Item master : 8001

Height is 8
width is 4

In the bom of 7014

formula is Height * width * constant

consumption type is “constant”

Height is .40 for 8001
width is .33 for 8001
constant .32 for 8001

Bom calculation result is 0.04 for 1 quantity.


This is the result of the height, width and constant calculation you defined.

What is there to explain?

Consumption type constant is not what you want unless it is 0.04 if you make 1 or 10.

You are correct.

Then what is the use of 8 and 4 which i defined at item master level.

dear adam,

I misunderstood…Thanks for help

Presuming you mean the measurements on the other tab then when you enter the item on the BOM line the 8 and 4 would default in, you then changed them. They are there solely as defaults for teh BOM line and nothing else.

dear adam, very thank you

i under stood what constant mean and i under stood the calculation result.


I am still confused with the constant. How the value of .32 for Constant arrived?

Thanks in advance.