BOM display on sales invoice

Hi all,

Would you please help me in this matter, I just start working on Dynamics Ax and I need to display BOM list on the invoice

Example : I have A bom called ‘Telephone’, it contains 3 items :

  • HeadSet/Charger/Device

when I create an order with this Bom, the invoice should come up with the bom and its items

please Help me


Can u please be Specific and clear…

We suppose we create an item Telephone which is a BOM actually, we have 3 items related to that BOM

Item master (Kit) : Telephone

  • Headset

  • Charger

  • Device


In salesTable, I create an order for a customer, in salesLine i choose the telephone Kit

If we wanna get the list related to that kit we click on Functions - Explode right?

My point is when I create an invoice for that order, the invoice should come up with the Kit “telephone” which is the header and the items as well.

Hope I gave you more details

Thank you in advance