BOM Designer

I am using AX 2012

When I open my BOM designer form, I notice that items on the BOM that also have BOMs do not allow me to open up their lower level raw materials in the dropdown tree.

The only reason I noticed this is because for some items I can do it and others I cannot.

I have attached a picture of what my items look like in the list to choose from on the designer form. The items with the blue tree type have the ability to view lower levels, however the items with the brown box type do not.

My question is:

What is the difference between the blue tree and the brown box. How is it that some BOM production type items have the blue tree and others have the brown box?


Can you check in the “Default Order Settings” and verify the Default Order Type for the items in question? If that is set as “Production” you should see the tree and if set as “Purchased” you would see the box icon. I suppose the theory is that you could have items you purchase by default, but also have production capabilities defined for them in the event that you need to make.