BOM Configurations without Item Configurations

I want to use BOM Configurations because we have a lot of BOMs which are practically the same except for the branding and color.

I succesfully tested BOM Configurations (where logos are in the configuration group) but I couldn’t find a way to use them WITHOUT using the dimension item configurations.

We already have different item numbers for different branded products. So, instead of using 1001 for a bicycle with whatever kind of logo (configuration), we use 1001 for ‘Flash branded bicycle’, 1002 for ‘Rapid branded bicycle’, etc.

Is it possible to connect a individual BOM Configuration to a item number? So, for 1001 use the BOM 2001 with logo configuration ‘Flash’ and for item 1002 use BOM 2001 with logo ‘Rapid’?

It would save us changing our work flow :wink: