BOM configuration for production

I need to configure BOM as described below

BOM Level 1 - Tshirt - Single BOM Item with different sizes and colors
BOM Level 2 - Body - Single BOM Item with different sizes and colors

  • Sleeve - Single BOM Item with different sizes and colors
    BOM Level 3 - Fabric - single item
  • Paint - sngle item, different colors

Is it possible for us to configure all the above 3 BOMS using 3 Items but not more i.e Tshirt, Body and Sleeve but not Tshirt, Body_20_Red, Body_20_white, and so on.

I am asking this in specific to auto. generation of Sub BOMs for Body and Sleeve during production process

Probably, but I hope you mean sub-production and not sub-BOM. Have a configuration whereby you set the body and sleeve sizes based upon the choice in the configuration group, linking the configuration group to a set item configuration for the sleeve and then colour. Then in the BOM for the TShirt you create all possible combinations of the configuration group and then by selecting the correct configuration when creating the works order it knows the configuration of the body and sleeve, which will create unique production orders using the standard functionality on the BOM line.

Hello Lakshmi, I would think in your bom’s in two ways:

Level1) T-Shirt

Level2) Fabric and Paint

And the Body and Sleeves would be two operations consuming fabric and paint.


Level1) T-Shirt

Level2) Body and sleeves as phantom items

Level2-1) Fabric and Paint consumed for each phantom item

I think the color and size shouldn’t be a problem as you might use Item dimensions