Bom components Issue

Hi Experts ,

Is there any functionality of Material issue from Store to shop floor against a production order? All BOM componentes’s flushing at manual .


You mean to physically move without the picking list so it is in stock on the shop floor to be consumed? If so you need to set up transfer item coverage rules to handle this product flow. If not then you just consume from teh stores through the picking list for production.

Hi Adam ,

Yes i wan to physically move without picking list ,so it is is stock on the shop floor to be consumed.

But if possible can you to tell me the in which chapter of production i can get transfer item coverage rule to handle this flow.

Thanks for ur rply.



You would need to read the planning manual. You set the item coverage record of the item to fulfill demand on the shop floor from the stores, it then suggests a transfer order to move the stock to fulfill the demand.