BOM component planning

Hi all, A very general requirement in MRP/MPS is planning of purchase/production of materials at all levels of production BOM(Shortage list shows this for items selected through filter and for the first level by default). Is there any way to explode BOM till the raw material level showing available stock, on order qty and required qty at each BOM level. Regards, Rohit

Hi Presuming this is a general BOM enquiry screen it is possible but you would need a modificaiton to do it.

Thanks for the reply. Can you please elaborate further? After generating the production order from sales order, if we explode components, it shows the first level BOM. Do you mean to say, modification is required here to display all levels? Or, the shortage list where i get the report on first level items only. I also need to generate purchase orders for shortages at all levels (for subassemblies and raw material). Regards, Rohit

Hi, Ite depends on the type of BOM you setup. If you need the Front wheel and Back wheel to make a cycle the system will blow the BOM upto only Front and Back wheel. In the example, if you setup the Back wheel and Front wheel as Phantoms then the system will blow it up to the Rim, Tyre, Spokes…

Thanks. It worked. Could you further explain the difference between defining subassemblies as item and production BOM?

Hi Rohtsh I suppose essentially you are dealing with the manufacturing concepts of items and phantoms - Phantoms are generally transitionary assemblies that are assembled but never held in stock (almost never!) and Navision handles this through the Phantomn BOM where it blows through the parent and immediately consumes the components. If it was an Item you would already need to have built the assembly and have it in stock to consume rather than assembling it as you go along.

Yes, the only problem I see is that you can not asociate one routing to the production BOM. If you refers the products, the BOMs and the routings to the drawings codes (or engineering codes), then for easy of maintenance this intermediate product that never is kept in stock, but it is inmediately used for another assembly, and that you can define as production BOM, should be coded as the engineering code, and the routings operations involved too.