BOM Calculation

when handling BOM calculation on Quotation,

particular item get two type of cost value (Item purchase price and trade agreement), depend on explosion Mode value right?

i want to know how it can be handled? do i make some logic source? or just AX environment set up?

if anyone know about this, please tell me.


You can define it for the calculation group - in setup tab -Cost Price Model

I really appreciate your comment.

But I could not understand clearly.

I will give you an example. I guoted item A for two types which are multilevel and make to order.

when i saw the result, there are two type of Cost Price Model for particular subitem.

item cost price model

a trade agreement

a item purchase price

I am wondering how can it be different? and what is the condition?

Purchase price is the purchase price on the item card, which could be updated by invoice and is not dependent on vendor. The TA is sepcific to a trade agreement and the explosion, I believe, looks for the default vendor and any matching item trade agreement - can be very different for obvious reasons.