BOM Calculation (Unit conversion not working)


I have a BOM type of item it contains two Item type of items as BOM line items.

E.g. MainItem (BOM)

Item1 (Item - bom line 1)

Item2 (Item - bom line 2)

As per above example, i have set the Stock unit and BOM unit of “Item1” is “Mtr” and “Mtr” respectively while “Ea” as Stock unit and “Mtr” as BOM unit for “Item2”.

Now i am doing bom calculation, i am geting the cost for the “Item1” as a BOM line but i am not getting the cost for “Item2”.

I think it should be required to set the Stock Unit and BOM Unit value same. Is this so?

Note: I have set added the Unit Conversion value for the particular using “Unit conversion” also update the BOM line unit for the particular item on the BOM line on “BOM line details” page (BOM → Lines)

Please clear my doubts re. price calculation using unit conversion.

No it works fine.

I would guess you are running your calcualtion at multi-level, item2 is a BOM item and the components of item2 are all set to zero even though you have a price on the item2 card. Either that or you are not using an active fallback in your costing version and item2 does not have an active price in the costing version.

Hi adam,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Note: I have below Item structure.

MainItem (BOM type of item - we can say parent item)

Item1 (ITEM type of item - we can say child item of parent MainItem - added as BOM line of MainItem)

Item2 (ITEM type of item - we can say child item of parent MainItem - added as BOM line of MainItem)

So, as mentioned in your previous post, i think there is a small misunderstanding for item structure. Item2 is an ITEM type of item not BOM item.

The other thing i am running the price calculation for “MainItem” using Fallback principle “Active” and Explosion mode to “Multilevel”.

do i required to set more parameters?

please help. Your help will greatly appreciated.

I was guessing because you are assuming that the BOM UOM has to match the Stock UOM to get the costing correct. I am saying I have different UOM’s and my costing works fine, an active price of 220 per tonne but consumed in KG works fine on production costing.

So you are multi-level planning with fallback of active, so if it is not standard costing you need to populate the base cost price. Another easy check would be to manually activate teh item in teh costing version. Check it is flagged to be included in the calculation on the item record as well. It is an issue with your data and setup, because mine works as expected with different UOM.

Hi Adam,

“Production costing” ? I am not able to find the place to perform production costing.

I am calculating price from “Stock Management > Item Details > Price > Calculate > complete”. It gives me the calculated price for the mainitem(parent item).

pl. suggest me the way to perform production costing.

Hi Ashlesh,

First please understand that BOM unit and Item unit in the BOM line need not be the same.

The problem that you are facing might be due to two issues

  1. no cost prices for the BOM line item

  2. Cost price for the consumption per series of the BOM is very low i.e. less than 0.009. If this is the case try BOM calculation of the BOM by giving high qty while you are running BOM calculation

By Production Costing I mean running the price cost calculation from the item, but for a production item. Complete that you are looking at is a previous run. Press calcualtion and do it again.