BOM calculation report shows old cost price after new price updated

Hi Guys,

I have recently changed and activated a new item price for a BOM component to $20.00. However, when I run the BOM calculation report for the Main item (which includes my $20.00 BOM component), I notice that the price showing for the component is $17.99 which is the previous cost version for 2009.

On the report I also notice that the date showing is 2009. Why is this the case and how do I change it to show my new 2016 price?

How you are printing this report? From a product’s item price form (or) from Reports → BOM → Calculation?

Inventory Management > Reports > BOM > Calculation.

In such case it should be showing all the available prices, that are created by running the Calculation.

Have you created the price by running the calculation or created it manually?

Hi Kranthi,

I have created the price manually. First by creating a new cost version then entering the price to the item, then activating it.

Run the calculation, that would create a price. You should be able to see that in the calculation report.

Hi Kranthi,

Many thanks for your support. I ran the calculation on the main item and it updated the report accordingly! [:)]