BOM at quotation stage

Dear all,

I have BOM lines for item XYZ.

item quantity

xxxx 10

yyyy 5

zzzz 10

At quotation stage how can i know what is ON-hand quantity of these items to create planned purchase order.

The system will consider the ON Hand QTY while generating the Planned Orders (if these planned order are generated by running the plan - plan should considers the quotations and on hand). They will not consider on hand if you are creating the planned orders manually.

I don’t think you have an option to see the on hand availability of the BOM lines at this level. But you can have a look into On hand reports…

The ATP will be available, but there is no drill down on hand due to the nature of the quote, when it is a sales order there is a committment so you can run it into the plan, in essence the plan can also look at quotes, but the theory of having a detailed answer causes many problems, your quote tells you that you have the stock to make 5 immediately, they confirm the quote 6 days later and you have no stock because it has been consumed on real demands, which is why at the quote stage it is the price that is fixed for x days and not the delivery timescales which are very fluid depending upon the business you are in.