BOM and Route Template


Can I create a BOM template for BOM lines?

When i am creating a BOM template and then from Basic->Record Templates->Edit particular BOM template, it shows me the options for “Lines” (also if Lines exits-> it shows the list of lines there). But when i am creating a new BOM based on this template it will not fetch the lines(it only fetches the Name,Site and Item Group from the template).

Same for the Route Template. Can i create a template for Routes Lines(i.e. operations)?

Any suggestions will greatly appreciated.

The BOM Lines table contains the site, item group and little else. The BOM table contains the lines of the BOM. However given the structure of the tables and the interdependencies you cannot create a template at this level, it is why they have the copy function - you should use this in these areas.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.

I think this is the same for Route and Route Lines(i.e. Operations) also.

Please correct me if i am wrong.


Is there any way exists in AX 2009 to create Route/BOM templates including their lines(i.e. operations/bom lines) ? I think it can be possible using the Product Builder. But i am not sure i can use it while creating any new BOM/Route for a new Item/product generation.

Any suggestions?

Yes the route is the same.

No there is no way of creating a full template - that is the point of the copying function.

Product Builder is nothing to do with template creating, it is a configurator, so the end item is the same, the configuration is different and it creates a new BOM version each time.

Thank you Adam.