BOM Amendment at the time of Production

Hi All

I Have one scenario in production order creation, Eg i create the Finish Product and the BOM for that in Product Master, now when i am running the production order, i want to edit the BOM Lines, as i am using third party software for the production which give me the exact consumption of the raw material for production. Now i want to enter the exact consumption in my production order, as currently it is taking what i defined in the BOM Lines. So what i am doing i create the production order and select that production order and went to the Production Details button then BOM form there i enter the Actual Qty consumed and “per series” i change to the qty produce in the production order and then after i proceed with the rest of the steps.

I just want to know is this the correct way what i am doing or is there some other thing to do.

Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance.

Why are you not creating a picking list journal and updating the values from the third party software and then posting - basically if the third party software creates usage it has to create and post the picking list journals.

Can you please Explain little more like step wise how we can achieve this.

You take the third party software file that gives you the consumption.

From this you creating a production picking list journal and post it. There is no automation of the pick so no need to alter the BOM. You get the third party file, create an interface to create and post the picking list journal which is the reflection of consumption.

So what i understand here is, i will create the production order for the quantity and when i will click start and i will unchecked “Post Picking List Now” under general tab and click ok, then i will go to the Journal Section Picking list, select the unposted journal and in lines i will update the quantity and post. And then proceed with the production order.

Yes, you cannot post to standard BOM quantities when the actuals are defined by another system. I would get the system results to create and post the picking list against the production order, but manually adding the quantities to an open picking list is the same!