bold font during report genration

Hi, I want to change the font of value during report generation…like in Questionnaire-Test Report,“Type” field has got 2 values Question & Answere. But I want to print the Type=Question in Bold font.So how should i do. please suggest, Regards, Vikas

Hi, You don’t. Directly at least. Indirectly you can achieve this by creating two different output lines (in most cases the body of your data item) and print them depending on the value of a variable. In your case that would be Questionnaire-Test Report,“Type”. You can do this with the currReport.SHOWOUTPUT function in the onPreSection trigger of the body section. Please check the online help topic of SHOWOUTPUT. Besides, there are lots of topics in the forum considering this technique. Hope this helps, Michiel

You can take example from Repor-25 Account Schedule to show bold lines.