BMP too large to view

Hi Everyone: We began to experiment with pictures associated with our inventory. However we accidentally placed a picture in that was too large for the database to view. So now when we open it, all we receive is a message box that says “C/SIDE was unable to load a Windows Resource Windows resource may be low. Please close some windows and retry” I click OK. I want to remove the picture to replace it with a smalled file that does work. Unfortunately (and this is my issue) I do not receive the option for Import/Export/Delete. Is there any works around this? Thanks!

Unfortunately you will need some code, its pretty minor, but ts the only way. If you have report designer you can do it, but other wise you need a developers license. I guess you will need ot contact your NSC.

If you have a client set up on the server maybe you can open & delete it there. Hopefully the server has more resources available than your client pc’s.