3 ladies . a red head, blonde and brunette are on holiday abroad when they are falsely accused of drug traffiking. They are quickly sentenced to death by firing squad.

the redhead is up first. she stands before the nervous looking squad of soldiers as they level their guns. She realises her best means of escape is to create panic and confusion, so she shouts…“AVALANCHE!!!”

The soldies drop their guns and flee for their lives, leaving the redhead to escape free.

After calm is restored, the Brunette is next. She has seen what her friend had done to create confusion and panic, so as the jittery soldiers level their guns, she shouts …“TIDAL WAVE!!!”…

Again the soldiers flee for their lives. and the brunete runs free

Calm is restored again and the Blonde is next, knowing exactly what she must do to create panic and confusion. The soldiers level thier guns for a third time, The blond confidently shouts " FIRE!!!"


Hi Steve, that one is good, the best yet. Paul