Blogs in Italian about Microsoft Dynamics ?

As you have noticed, then we did a change here in the website where the site as been more clearly divided into the different product areas: NAV, AX, CRM and GP. And then we have Community AND International. And this is where you are now. In the International area in the Italian forum.

On the international front page, you find link to several international (= non-english) Dynamics Blogs. There are several German and Spanish. But so far I have not been able to find any blogs about Dynamics in Italian. Can this really be true, or is it just me who don’t know where to look?

So I would like ask the experts - the active members of the most active International forum on DUG - where are the Italian Dynamics Blogs? Please let me know which blogs you think should be included in the International Dynamics Blog Roll here on DUG and I will add them to the roll.

I would also like to here from any of you, if you would like to start a Dynamics Blog in Italian (or for that matter in English). Just send me an email and I will setup a new blog for you. [:)]

Later my plan is to expand this “sub-section” setup, by creating a full Italian “sub-site”, where you will get your own frontpage, including Italian blogs, Italian downloads/documentation etc. But please let me know if you think that this would be help full to you.

So no one knows about any Italian Dynamics blogs and no one would like to blog about Dynamics in Italian? [:(]

Hi, Erik

forgive me - I’ve been out of touch for a while. I know about these ones:

There might be some more, but they are from partners, blogging about their add-ons. Not sure they are what you are looking for.

Maybe it would be my duty, but I don’t feel up to. [:$]

I wonder where my community-mates are, anyway.

I Anna, thanks. If you should do it or not? I really don’t know. It’s community-work - that’s only something you should do if you feel for it. Personally I’m only doing it as long as I enjoy it, it’s really not even close to be paying just part of the hours I’m using on it.