Blocking Customer

HI All

My scenario is that if new customer is created or existing customer is modified if user forget to enter customer posting group then automatically customer will blocked “All” for further transaction and it will pop the msg also. For existing customer modifcation i had done it but for new customer inserting i am not able to do. Plz suggest me.

Thanx in advance

I think you should do it differently. Every time you enter a customer, as soon as it is entered, the posting group will never be filled out. At that point it is just a customer number and nothing else.

You can add code to the validate triggers of the posting group and blocked fields to “link” them. As in check the other one when the value changes to make sure everything is filled out. You could also sent the Blocked field to All as soon as the record is created. Then when they enter the posting group, with the code you would add, the blocked field would become unblocked.

while inserting assign All to Blocked …and in Customer Posting Group OnValaidate modify it as you want

Hi Madhu,

Why not just set the InitValue property of the Blocked field?