Microsoft Dynamics NAV Build 33451

Rapport d’erreurs


Module Langue (fr-FR) pour Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server

Erreur irrécupérable lors de l’installation.

Échec du démarrage du service Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server [DynamicsNAV70] (MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$DynamicsNAV70). Vérifiez que vous disposez de privilèges suffisants pour démarrer les services système.


28/09/2012 02:53

pls help me with this error report i really tries so many times in vain: the agent server doesn t run

the devemopment envireronment works fine- but when i try to restor a FBK from nav2005 or 2009 it says this kind of file is not taken in charge by this version of the program.

but the client doesn t see the server i dont know the right address to put

i,m using 7pro win64

thank you for your help

Please follow the update instructions as stated at the 2013 RTM download page.

This is a technical issue:

You must either delete all dataports and forms prior to create the complete backup and restore to NAV2013
Or restore with “Data Only” option (do not restore the objects) and then import a FOB from NAV2009 which excludes the said object types.

A pure “technical” upgrade does not work as it was working for all the older versions until now.

But aside from that: The error message shown does not relate to the restore of the FBK as far as I know.
It is more an issue regarding port numbers used (maybe a 2009 Server still running with the same ports).
The error message is not very helpfull to discover this, but you should find sufficient information in your event log