Blocked Production Orders and Qty. On Component Lines

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with the calculation of Qty. On Component Lines field displayed in the Item Card.

I checked in the Item table about that field, it is a flow field…The CalcFormula is:

Sum("Prod. Order Component"."Remaining Qty. (Base)" WHERE
Item No.=FIELD(No.),
Shortcut Dimension 1 Code=FIELD(Global Dimension 1 Filter),
Shortcut Dimension 2 Code=FIELD(Global Dimension 2 Filter),
Location Code=FIELD(Location Filter),
Variant Code=FIELD(Variant Filter),
Due Date=FIELD(Date Filter)))

The problem is that I want to exclude the remaining quantities of the blocked production orders from the calculation…

How can I do that???

First of All How you are blocking the Production Order ?? Have you done some customization ??

I am just using the standard field “Blocked” in the Released Production Order…

There is no blocked field in Prod .Order component .First you need to add that and updated when prod order get blocked.

After that only you can set filter in above formula.

Check that.

What is blank ???

Thanks a lot, it worked …

Thank you for your help [:)]