" Blocked " field

We want to prevent some users from being able to change the “Blocked” field on a customer’s card. Below are the current roles of those we want to not have access in change the Blocked status. Can you tell me which role needs to be omitted? any one guide me .thanks

Role ID Role Name Company
ALL All users
ANALYSIS Dimension Analysis
CHANGELOG-VIEW View Change Log Entries
CUSTOMER SERVICE Modified Roles for Acct Mngr
ESHIP-ALL Required for all user
P&P-VENDOR, EDIT Edit vendors
RM-CAMPAIGN Read campaigns and segments
RM-CAMPAIGN, EDIT Edit campaigns and segments
RM-CONT Read contacts, entries, etc.
RM-CONT, EDIT Edit contacts
RM-OPP Read opportunities
RM-OPP, EDIT Edit opportunities
RM-PERIODIC RM periodic activities
RM-SETUP Relationship Management setup
RM-TODO Read to-dos
RM-TODO, EDIT Edit to-dos
S&R-CUSTOMER Read customers and entries
S&R-CUSTOMER, EDIT Edit customers
S&R-JOURNAL Create entries in jnls. (S&R)
S&R-JOURNAL, POST Post journals (S&R)
S&R-PERIODIC S&R periodic activities
S&R-POSTED S/I/R/C Read posted shipments, etc.
S&R-Q/O/I/R/C Create sales orders etc.
S&R-Q/O/I/R/C, POST Post sales orders, etc.
S&R-REGISTER Read G/L registers (S&R)
S&R-SETUP S&R setup

Navision not allowed any roles on field levels

You need to customize or you can put error message on onvalidate trigger of that field.

ya there is no option to specify roles on field level.

Ok my previous suggestion was very poor…

What you can do is make a new field (may be Boolean) in USER setup & tick it for only those people who you want to allow editing that BLOCK field in Customer card. Similarly write a code on customer card which will allow only those ticked user to change the BLOCK field.

hope this one is better

That is some of the worst advice I have ever read.

oops sorry… will delete it

which role needs to be omitted ? in following given roles.

which role needs to be omitted ? following given roles. plz .

As said above, you have to customize this by adding a field in USESetup table…