Block to Delete Orders

Hi Experts,

Is there any setup or configuration to block to delete the Purchase order and Sales Order?


are you expecting users should not be able to delete the orders? you should be able to handle this with user rights. Also, you have provision to stop the deleting Invoiced orders by enabling “safety level of Invoiced orders” in AR parameters.

Thanks for quick reply, this option enabling “safety level to Invoiced orders” .

We would like block the user to delete even open orders or change the value or quantity once its printed.

Is there any version control ?

In AX 2012 or later, you have something on the PO side (because ‘Confirmation’ is a mandatory step). Once the PO is ‘Confirmed’ it cannot be deleted. And, any changes are logged (each time the PO is re-Confirmed).

I don’t know a way to block users from editing POs or SOs based on the Status of the order.

Blocking the user to delete open orders or change it would be a customization, the option you reference is, as it states “invoiced orders”.

There is version control when you print the confirmation - however if you are preventing users from doing anything once it is printed version control is not really relevant.