Block reprinting of posted invoice

Hello. In Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1, is there a way to prevent a user from printing a particular invoice?

Naturally, there are occasional invoicing errors due to incorrect account setup, etc. With good fortune, these are caught before the document is sent to the customer and there is an internal credit/rebill and the customer only receives the 2nd “good invoice.”

If the customer ever calls for a copy of the invoice for a particular PO, it sometimes happens that a Customer Service representative sends them a copy of the “error invoice” instead of the corrected one and the customer ends up paying the wrong amount or is needlessly upset by a mistake that they never should have seen.

Is there any way to block printing of the 1st “error invoice” and its corresponding Credit Memo so there is no chance the customer will ever get a copy in their hands? Right now, I am simply entering related comments in ALL CAPS with many asterisks and having it print on the invoice. Hopefully that draws the attention of the Customer Service rep or at least alerts the customer to disregard the invoice or credit memo. Sometimes that’s not enough though and I would just like to prevent printing altogether.

Is there a way to accomplish that “out of the box?”

I don’t think it’s possible to accomplish it with standard NAV: in my opinion you need a new boolean field on sales invoice header and sales credit memo header to provide the single document print block and then add the field check in the corresponding reports.