Block items for purchase and transfer

In Dynamics Nav program, is it possible to block multiple items for purchase and transfer by importing excel file? or any other simple method to accomplish it instead of blocking items one by one

Thank you.

Hopefully waiting for help :slight_smile:

You can do one of two things:

1, Develop af feature do do this.

  1. Depending on your version of NAV you can use RapidStart, to update field “block”

Thank you for responding. I have just tried it and it turned out full of error (here invalid items) even though those items are not invalid in “Items”

What is the error when you press show error?


before pressing show error, it is displayed

Hi Eneral:

On your first screenshow there is a button called “Show Error” press that one.

it says “there is nothing to show”

Then What is your error?

You wrote:

Where is your errors?