Block Item for selling from particular warehouse

Dear All,

In AX 2012, I am having multiple warehouse set up for a single company.

Now I have requirement that specific item should not be sold from a particular warehouse.!

Can anyone plz suggest what set up are required to achieve this.?



Try this:

From the Released Product screen, go to “Site Speciifc Order Settings” - you can get this from either the “Plan” or “Manage Inventory” tabs.

Enter a new line with the Site / Warehouse combination that you want to block, then go to the Sales Order tab. Check the “Overide” box, and then check the “Stopped” box.

This setup will prevent this item from being sold from the specified warehouse.

I believe this prevents the selling at any warehouse in the specific site. It is site level stoppage.

Yes that would prevent at the site, not the warehouse, if you try and add another record for the same site and a different warehouse due to then allowing it at another warehouse in the site it would stop you. Prevention at a warehouse within a site is not possible without a customization.

Thanks all,

It helps to resolve the question.

Can we do the same sales restriction for customer or customer groups.?



Not by default. Purchase has the Approved Vendors Functionality which can be extended for sales…

What does that functionality ? Could you explain how to use ?

You can only purchase items from specific vendors.

Could you guide me the path of the functionality in AX 2012 ?

Item - Purchase - Approved Supplier.