Block Error: Posting Date is not within Your Range

Dear All,

Kindly Suggest teh Procedure of Customer Application with Respective to Posting Date.

For Example, My Date is Blocked From 1st April 2013 to 18th April 2013.

And i Have a Payment dated 25th December 2012 and want to apply the Invoice of 1st December 2012 on 18th March 2013 then while posting Application i am Getting Error: “Posting date is not within Your Range”

I don’t Need this Error while Customer Application. Is there ant Possibility.

Kindly Suggest.



There might be some back dated entry which NAV is trying to post.

  1. Check in General Ledger Setup allow posting dates.

  2. Check in User setup for allow posting dates.

Dear Manish,

I have blocked the date in General Ledger Setup, but i want that system should allow to post ant back dated Customer Application in place of giving the “Posting Date is not within your range” error.

Kindly suggest is there any Possibility that in system "Posting Date Stoppage Error"should function in all cases but should allow entry in case of Customer Application.

IF you date is blocked for particular range then how system will post the backdated entry ???

Answer lies in your question only.

How system will allow the post you backdated entries when given range is blocked for the same

For more understanding check in Codeunit 11

Function :- DateNotAllowed

I have viewed the Codeunit. I know System Block but i want suggestion that is there any Possibility that System doesn’t block in case of only Customer Application.

I want to remove the blockage in case of Payment Application to Invoices for Customer. Because i have to remove the Back date again and again for Users who want to do Application.

If this is not possible then please provide me some other solution so that i don’t have to open the Back date for many Users.

We can do that but this we are bypassing system logic for fulfilling the requirement

You can do following

In that function you can write following in last line

EXIT((PostingDate < 010408D) OR (PostingDate > AllowPostingTo));

This will bypass the system blocking for date.

@Amol i would not suggest hardcode in Navision.

@Preeti You can set a user who can only post application in back date by setting up permission in the roles.


I have not prepared any Roles for Users Yet.Have given Super roles to all users.I have a client who have 40 Users Working in Navision. And 25 Users in all Depot are working in Customer Application. Kindly provide me solution for the same.

Though it is not correct to hard code in system but there is no choice because we are dealing with 350+ users at client side and Navision does not allow the same if we block the date. In Indian culture accountant always work on backdate and every time we can not change the posting date for 100+ users.

Can you just tell us how we can set the permission on roles for backdate posting ? I am also interested in it .

If there are 25 user in depot for customer application then you can set allowed posting range for those user only.

For Permission,

Create a new boolen field in User Setup (i.e. Allow Back Date Posting).

In code unit write code to check if the user has checkmark=true then skip DateNotAllowed function.

That is customization we need to do .You said use Roles for the same[:)]

I want that System should not Give this Posting Date Range Error only while Application but it should block in all Cases.

Is there a possibility for the same that System should not allow Back Date Entries with respect to Posting Date Range defined but should allow only application to perform in back date.

There might be other entries related which needs to be posted in back, like Taxes or Costing.

@Amol , I have not tried for permission, if you need more detail then you may try cause NAV User runs on Roles & permission that’s what I thought and suggested might be a solution rather than hardcode.


Is there any solution you have found for only allowing Back Date Application for Customer


You can not basically open date only form particular application/module as System is not designed in such way.

You need to customize this.


Can you suggest me the Customization of how system will only unblock the Posting Date Range error while Application but it will consider in all Cases.

I have already suggested.