Block double entry of item line

Hi Chris,

Nothing personal at your. There very well be good business reasons for doing this. And you just help out because someone asked how it could be done. Looks like you do know what you’re doing. We definitely need more like you.

What I’m a little upset about, is that we see so many new NAV developers, who starts changing the system, often in very “dangerous areas”, BEFORE they have any idea of what they are actually doing. As soon as they see part of a requirement, then they start coding it. What they should do is to ask enough question, that they really understand the full requirement. And then suggest the better solution, based on their expertise.

Being a NAV developer, is NOT like being a (typical) Java/Web developer. NAV takes a lot more, it requires that you know business and accounting and the consequences of what changing the system in one area can cause in another.

They may feel that they are “not to blame”, as it is their employer who doesn’t really take care of them, and make sure that their developers/consultants actually have the skills required for their job. Their employer don’t offer any training or anything, just expect them to start work. But that’s not really an excuse, there are plenty of ways to learn it, even if that has to be done outside normal working hours.

I’m just crying a little over how unprofessional many people are treating our profession. [emoticon:ca08b2c27c2f40e993e89508acf29e0b]

Hi Erik let us not criticize each other on the above matter at the end of the day we need to have a long lasting solution that is viable to every one ,would like you give me your solution on the above issue Chris provided me with his solution which seem to be working on my side but will happy if you give me your guide line on this.

Very good comments, thanks Erik. I’m glad to have joined this community, I hope to be able to give advice as well as learn. Learning about NAV never really stops and I’ve been a developer and consultant since Financials 2.6. Cheers, Chris

Hi Masholeluapo, after reading the above comments, I think I was probably wrong to offer a C/AL solution - although it might work it also might not be the best way to do it for your client’s situation. What you now have is a question about system design, and what are your client’s exact requirements and why? Why do they prefer to do it one way and not another way? Read up about the warehousing and bin management functionality and see if standard NAV can achieve what you need. Also be aware that going down that route may need the client buy a new license granule. There are lots of things here, and lots of learning opportunities.