Block Companies

Hi All,

I want to block 3 Companies out of 70 Companies. In my database i have around 100 users, so i cant assign to each of them individually at roles&permissions. I want this companies to appear but no transactions should happen here.

Please help me in sorting this.

Thank U

One quick thing you can do is set the allowed to & the allowed from posting dates to

01/01/01, for example, in those companies.

Hi Savatage,

Modifying dates facility is there here ,which allows modify allowed posting dates for all companies. So this companies dates will also change here. So i cant use this.

Thank U

Are you saying that your g/l setup is not company specific?

and a change in one company affects all the others?

Exactly what is that you want to block? Do you want to block anyone from logging into these three companies, or just selected user from logging in? Or is it enough to block anyone from posting in these companies?

I’m not quite sure I understand your problem.

But one thing you could do is the create a specific permissions set for each of the three companies (or just one if it is the same people who needs to access the 3 companies). Then you create a field in a table everyone can read where you select this permission set. In Codeunit 1 in the login function you make a check to see if the user has access to this permission set or not. If the field is blank then you’re not doing the test. This way you can assign the permission only to the users who are allowed access. Maybe not the most “clean” solution, but it will do the job.