Block access to other companies on Nav

We have six companies runing on one Nav data base and we want to restrict some users to an indivdual comapny only. Can we do this and and if so how?

Many thanks in advance. Andy

Hi Andy,

Yes, For each user, in the Roles form you have to specify the name of the company instead of blank.

Many thanks for your help! We are using Classic not RT


It seems the following how we are set up. Is there a way to block users as I have suggested.?

On the Roles form, the Company column refers to the Nav company (like “Live”, “Test”, “Walkthrough”). Our businesses are set up as Dimensions in order for the Inter-Company stuff to work, so all businesses (Versapak, EPC etc) are all within ONE company so we cannot specify it on the form he refers to.


Then what you have - ONE Company or 6 companies?

“InterCompany stuff” works very well if you have set up them as different companies, there is no need to put them all in one Company, even more, messing them up in one Company makes things only worse.

Having un-merged a multiple companies that simply used different dimensions I can tell you it is a time consuming task. And as Modris says, the whole point of the InterCompany module is so that you can have multiple companies.

The closest you could come without modification would be to use the Responsibility Center fields and filters using the column in the User Setup table.