Block a Whse with security

Hello ALL!!!, I’m trying to block a warehouse for a specific user so that he can’t do any movement from/to it for any item. To test it, I was trying to block a warehouse for myself so AX doesn’t allow me to do any movement from/to a particular warehouse. I created a group where I’m the only user in, and create the record level security to InventDim !IX, where IX is the warehouse I don’t want to allow to the users group. I’m not expert on security functionallity so I might be missing something that could be obvious to you. Can anyone provide to me the steps to follow in doing this?
Many thanks, Héctor


Create the record level security to Warehouses instead of stock dimension. On criteria, select all the warehouses for the user, using comma to seperate except the IX warehouse. Lets see if that works

Hi Dare,

  1. I went to RLS and select the group I want to apply this security feature (by now I’m the only user in the group)

  2. From Tables I selected Inventory Management\Warehouses

  3. In the query I entered as criteria all warehouses except IX which in my case will be CD,EC,LL,PRUEBA,TR

Next I try to made a stock transfer from IX to EC and was able to do it, no error or warning appears.

I’ll keep trying, any other recommendations or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks a lot!


Thanks for your suggestions Dare, after many tests I found that for Record Level Security to work ok, you need to find the exact table where the ‘record’ is going to be saved, for inventory transactions it is InventJournalTrans, so that is the table I need to use in the RLS, stating that the field InventDimId ! (is not) the dimension assigned by AX to the warehouse, that in my case was !DIM-000014.

After that and logging off/on again, when I tryied to post a movement that says more or less (I’m traslating from spanish) “A record in Inventory Journal Lines can’t be created (InventJournalTrans). Due to record level security filters established you have been denied to access creating a record in the table.”

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Dear Sir

i like to learn security in AX12

i need to Gide me what can i do

My information in ax = 0 :slight_smile:

but i need security