block a particular month


How to block a month say April’07 so that no user can entered any type of transaction in this month for few days as we want to completed all the pending work of Mar’07 & after completion of work , we want to start with NEW SERIES.

thanks in advance…

This is actually a very often heard request, since its quite common for companies to close different areas of the business at different times, but to still need users to work in different areas. So date block by user does no work. A typical scenario may be where the Sales Ledger is closed at the last day of the month, Inventory maybe 3-4 days, later, an Purchasing 2 weeks after the end of the month. One solution (not a good one) is to create multiple user IDs for the users that need to wrk in multiple journals. But that is not realistic.

I have always done it with custom development, with a Table linked to Accounting period and User Setup, and in this a tick box per Journal type. Or simpler just add the tick boxes to the Accounting Period table. Unfortunately this need programming, so sorry no end user solution.

In No. Series Lines you can define a new number of services per Date.
The only way to block posting it’s to define in G/L Setup and User Setup.

But has David said it’s basic blocking.

What we do is, for all users in the G/L set up, we give the current month start and end date. End of month we reset for the new month.

Then we have set up for specific users (other users blank) +10 days extra beyond the closing period in the USERS setup. This means that those users can still post beyond the month on a back date for 10 days.

On the 10th we again ensure that the specific users are also not given any prior date posting and period opening then will be on a special request. This helps the control. Specific users are generally finance personnel and 1 or 2 for invoice posting. All others have to post on the current date.

Number series becomes a tad difficult and I would not recommend, as currently the Navision system is not set up to take multiple date numbers. For eg, I have this problem that for the year 2006 I want to take 2006 series and for the year 2007, 2007 series. When I set it up and try to post on the old 2006 date, the system takes the 2007 series.