I have written an OCX which needs to send and receive a file. The file will be an xml file. At present it is stored as a BLOB in my table. Does anybody know how i pass this blob into a variable which can be used in Visual Basic, and also what variable type i use to receive the XML file in VB and subsequently get the received file into Navision. It is using Microsoft Message Queue. Cheers guys. Edited by - StoneRose on 2002 Jul 22 11:23:53

I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding, but wouldn’t just a Text variable in Visual Basic be good enough to store the XML code? Then all you need to do in Navision is OutStream the BLOB to VB. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

It’s cool i’ve done it now. On the send routine i export the blob to a text file, then read the file into one big string in visual basic. This is done using the file system object (TextStream.ReadAll). I then assign the string to the message queue body. Finally deleting the temporary text file. On the receive it is is just opposite. I take the received message queue body…put it into a text file. Copy the text file into the blob field in Navision and then delete the file… Voila… Isn’t it good when it all comes together…