Blobs & printing, please help, pulling hair out

Hi, I have set up some blob fields in the company information table, I would like to print these bmp’s(blobs) on a report. Somebody has said use the calcfield function but I have tried and getting nowhere fast, could somebody please help, possible give me some sample code

example code: (supossed having a record type mycompany with fields namecompany: text50 myblobimage1: blob with image myblobimage2: blob with image) var rmycompany : mycompany onpresection // section where you’re going to include // you image for printing begin if (rmycompany.FIND(’-’)) THEN // if you can load the record you’re wanting to // in this case the first one BEGIN rmycompany.CALCFIELDS(myblobimage1,myblobimage2); END; END; – Alfonso Pertierra Spain