Blob data transfer from one tenant to another tenant through NAV web services

Dear All,

One of my client want to transfer the Blob field from one NAV tenant to another NAV tenant through web services. Can anyone explain me how can I do that ?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Beast,

You cannot directly work with blob, you have to change the datatype.

An example would be BigText (or an DotNet Object)

Hi Beast,

Exactly what is your question? Do you know how to work with web services between tenants, but you are just having problems with Blob fields? Or is this your first web services?

If the last, then you there are plenty of threads here about web services (as well as on Youtube). And which version of NAV are you using?

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the reply. I have worked on web services & tenants but now the concern is the client wants to send the pictures from all tenants to one central tenant through web services. I am using NAV 2017. I have published the codeunit on web services but got confused while calling the published function from another tenant by C/AL.


Thanks. I have gone through this blog but I want to transfer data from NAV to NAV so I want to consume the published codeunit from NAV itself not from another application.

Can we do that?

Yes you can, it is just a webservice like any other webservice

I would recommend that you read more about this here:

the coding of the BLOB field type for NAV 2017 has small point and I think you need to transfer Stream or Variant type between tenance

Solved using .net interop. Thanks everyone.